Manufaktur B.W.Nobis

In 1952, my great-aunt Erika Goudounaix laid the foundation of our current Manufaktur B.W. Nobis in Lindau am Bodensee with the company APISERUM Leinberger & CO.

Erika Goudounaix's professional background was in music. As a trained concert violinist, international stages, particularly Berlin and Vienna, were her home.

After personal disappointments, Erika Goudounaix fell into a depressive state. By chance, she discovered a drinkable solution with the active ingredient royal jelly in France.

After a short period of time, her mental state improved significantly, and she regained her physical and mental strength.

Enthusiastic about the effects of this elixir, Erika Goudounaix decided to introduce this product to the German market for the first time. She began producing cosmetic and pharmaceutical products under the brand name "apiserum," which she soon distributed worldwide.

Family Business

Together with her nephew, my father, Dr. Arnold Nobis, they developed new products under the brands "biosbee" and "revita." In 1988, Dr. Arnold Nobis took over the reins of our family business under the name Apiserum Revita Dr. Nobis.

After completing my studies in microbiology, I fully joined our company in 2004 and introduced new standards in quality assurance and optimization.

Together with Alexandra Nobis, my wife, we modernized the image of our brands and products while maintaining our high quality standards.

In 2012, Dr. Arnold Nobis stepped back, and I continue to lead our family business in the third generation as Manufaktur B.W. Nobis.

Manufaktur B.W. Nobis produces exclusive skincare and dietary supplement products with natural ingredients and innovative formulations of the highest quality in our facility in Upper Bavaria.

Warmest regards,

Berthold Nobis