History of our family business


The company Apiserum Revita Dr. Nobis GmbH & CO.KG was founded in 1952 in Lindau am Bodensee by Mrs. Erika Goudounaix under the name APISERUM Leinberger & CO.

Mrs. Goudounaix's motivations were of a very personal nature. By training, she was a concert violinist and worked in Vienna and Berlin. For various reasons, she fell into depressive states and began searching for a solution. She found what she was looking for in France, where a drinkable solution containing royal jelly was available. Mrs. Goudounaix consumed this solution for some time and, according to her own explanation, regained physical strength and newfound courage.

Royal jelly is the food secretion that is given to the larva selected by the bee colony to become the queen bee. The royal jelly is responsible for enabling the larva to grow into a queen bee. This makes the queen bee larger than the rest of the bee colony.

Scientists have utilized this effect for human benefit and implemented it in cosmetics and dietary supplements.

Enthusiastic about this elixir and her own successes, Mrs. Erika Goudounaix decided to introduce this product to the German market for the first time. She initially obtained the license for distribution in Germany, and soon after, she began producing cosmetic and pharmaceutical products under the brand name APISERUM, which she distributed not only in Germany but also in many other countries worldwide.

In 1966, the company moved from Lindau to Laufen in Upper Bavaria.

Other products were created and marketed under the brand name REVITA.


Dr. Arnold Nobis, a nephew of Mrs. Erika Goudounaix and a graduate in food technology from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria, joined the company. Prior to joining the company, Dr. Nobis worked as an assistant at his alma mater.

During his years as a senior employee and since 1988 as managing director, he developed the brand BIOSBEE under the company name Apiserum Revita Dr. Nobis GmbH & CO.KG.


Berthold Nobis (son of Dr. Nobis) started working for the company. He studied microbiology at the University of Graz. His responsibilities lie in the areas of quality assurance and management.

In 2008, Berthold Nobis' wife, Alexandra Nobis, began working in the family business. She studied law at the University of Vienna. Her responsibilities include marketing, training, and sales.


Dr. Arnold Nobis retired from the company and handed over the management to Berthold Nobis.

In 2016, the company's name was changed to Manufaktur B.W. Nobis under the leadership of Berthold Nobis.