Cosmetic & Beauty Expo Osong, South Korea


SEOUL,KOREA,10 March 2017 - 11:00am,

North Chungcheong Province announced on March 8 that 81 companies of cosmetics and beauty care companies completed their applications for the 2017 Osong Cosmetics and Beauty Expo to be held this September.

Amid K-Beauty's popularity fueling people’s interest in the beauty industry, the coming expo is raising people’s anticipation as “The Saem of Hankook Cosmetics,” “Cosmecca Korea” and “Beauty Cosmetics” made a decision to take part in the expo. 

In addition, it is said that the expo received application forms from cosmetics companies in the province such as Pion-tech, HP&C and Beauty Collagen and Manufaktur B.W. Nobis in Bayern, Germany and Zhuhai Huaxin Technology located on the coast of the south central area of China's Guangdong Province.

This year, the expo will consist of Corporate Pavilion for B2B (Business to Business) information exchanges and meetings, Market Pavilion which focuses on B2C(business to consumer) deals and Business Pavilion where businesspeople will strike business deals. 

In particular, in order to diversify exports, the event will invite buyers not only from China but from around the world such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. They will hold more than 2,500 import and export meetings through an advanced exchange of information between buyers and companies.

Moreover, a meeting will be held to invite 20 merchandisers from companies such as home shopping companies, famous Korean shopping malls and department stores to help small and medium enterprises to develop their markets.

"Even though the opening of the expo is only six months away, there is an increase in K-Beauty companies’ interest in and questions about the event. Thus participating companies will soar in the future,” said Ko Geun-Suk, a manager at the Bio Policy Department of North Chungcheong Provincial Government. “We expect North Chungcheong Province to grow into the center of K-Beauty in name and reality by way of the 2017 Osong Cosmetics and Beauty Expo after proving its potential of the cosmetic and beauty care industry.

Meanwhile, the 2017 Osong Cosmetics and Beauty Expo ( will be held in KTX Osong Station for five days from September 12 to 16, with the latest beauty products, a one-on-one import and export fair, cosmetics sales, and various conferences.