10 mg Royal Jelly & 20 mg Propolis

Propolis and Royal Jelly

Propolis is a resinous substance produced by bees. Since it is rich in flavonoids, phenols, phenylcarboxylic acids, sterols and steroids, terpene acids, triterpenes, vitamins, wax, resin and essential oils, propolis has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antimycotic properties. Various micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi react very sensitively to propolis.

For ages propolis has been greatly valued and used in different ways in traditional folk medicine, above all for the treatment of infected wounds.

Nature tends to deliver its powers in hidden places. Throughout the centuries human beings have tried to get to these secrets to use them for their needs, but only once in a while one is revealed.

Can we really, without astonishment, listen to the fact that one animal, differs so much from it's kind, simply because of it's diet? That it's impressive growth is not the only difference, but that it reaches a life span of 30 times longer than the one of its species.

This animal is the Queen Bee and its special diet consists of Royal Jelly, called " Gelee Royale " by French apiarists.

The Bees produce "Gelee Royale " by means of nectar, pollen as well as their own gland secretion.  The flourishing beauty taken from thousands of flowers is their present to their Queen Bee.

The sensation of the Queen Bee's long life span and her youthful vitality is a fact.

Has this to remain a dream to mankind? Is it possible to transfer a least part of the Queen Bee' secret to you?

Years of scientific research and experience have shown that this rich natural agent consists of a complex made of vital elements, Vitamins, Trace elements and Biocatalysts.  Its revitalizing effect on the human organism, namely the cell tissue and circulation, is proven.

It must be stated here that the applied dose of the APISERMUM Drinking Ampoules has been proven internationally to be the most effective.  A higher dose may lead to restrictive effects of the organic system, which can be avoided here.  It is widely acknowledged today, that a higher dosage does not necessarily have a positive effect.

Treatment at home: 

APISERUM Propolis Drinking Ampoules are taken with the first feeling of illness.

1 to 3 ampoules a day as lomg the feeling of weakness stays on.

Active ingredients: 
  • honey wine
  • Propolis
  • Royal Jelly