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Modern skincare demands both effective and well tolerated concepts that produce visible effects. With its active ingredient of highly purified and biologically active collagen revita VLIES MASKS are designed to meet exactly these requirements. Its velvety biomatrix is a network of native collagen fibbers which resembles human skin structure. It has the following features:

  • Remarkable effects and high skin tolerance
  • Highly concentrated active ingredient – almost 100 percent pure collagen
  • Completely free from preservatives and fragrances

A special freeze-drying process ensures the preservation of the nativity of the collagen, i.e. its original character and biological activity.


Immediate soothing of irritated skin

The skin’s regenerative capacity is supported

Noticeable smoothening and firming

Fine lines and wrinkles appear to be significantly reduced. The skin becomes more even, it feels soft and smooth. The skin’s renewal process is supported.

Intensive hydration

The collagen biomatrix has a high water-binding capacity. It ensures an effective moisture transfer and gives the skin a fresh, radiant appearance.

You can see and feel the effects of revita VLIES MASKS and this will convince your customers, regardless of whether it is for professional treatment or home use application.


Active ingredients: 
  • Collagen
  • Vitamin C
Combination Options: 
  • Dr- Nobis ampoules
  • Dr-Nobis tonic waters